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Oh no! Episode


has been delayed slightly! Here is my pathetic excuse for the delay:

Oh no! Did he really release a preview of the Thanksgiving Special? He hasn't even released Episode


yet... WTF... Is star wars gonna last forever? Are you kidding me right now?

A video for my super geniuses out there about my upcoming webbrowser. I'll relaunch the store on Indie Jam Land™ when I release the browser on my github with secure


bit custom SSL certificates. VISA and Mastercard only.

We're all going to get filthy stinking rich... Here's how. Or, watch here:

The next episode has been delayed slightly, but in the meantime, check out this excerpt from chapter one of a new biography of Dr. John Emil Petersen III, by Jove Fontagne called Andromeda Prophecy, or check out the first four chapters here.

I almost took it off the air... However, I decided that The Show Must Go On.

Politicians wish to force our natural leaders to become actors, so they can more easily call them charlatans... Otherwise, they would never get elected... It's terrifying...
OMG! Did you hear about that Official Transcript from The Oval Office
No way! There's another one?!?!
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